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Happy New Year


DreamWeaves of Assam wishes you a very Happy New Year through our youngest customer ‘Della’💓!
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Calligraphy service is available on our products


Ujjal Roy is a calligrapher and an expert in hand lettering and illustration.
He had always loved alphabets and letters and realised his love of words allowed him to express himself the best.A core aspect of his work involves Calligraphy and patterning for individuals as well as for Corporate needs.
Based in Melbourne, he is keen to work in areas of work where he can further develop his creativity and interests.

For your Calligraphy requirements, please contact Ujjal at

Nakul Gaon – ‘Gamusa Hamlet of Assam’, by Ameet Barua

‘Nakul Gaon’… a small hamlet about 40 km north from Guwahati, the capital city of Assam, India a nondescript village but with a difference. The villagers want people to know about them and learn so that their best practices can be implemented in other villages as well.

Photo from jonalihg(2)

My association with this village started towards the end of 2017. With two decades of work experience in the domestic, exports, handloom sectors I was drawn to the plight of the handloom sector and how rapidly it is becoming a dying art.

We have been referring to the past glory days of the handloom sector when every households had a loom in their residence and all clothing items were woven right at home. However for the past few decades no other handloom village/town or city developed in the state apart from existing Sualkuchi (The silk hub of Assam).

A chance meeting with Mr. Samir Baruah and his wife Rumi Baruah, who are devotees of Sri Sri Ravi Sankar &  Art of living foundation), and their mentioning about Nakul Gaon and how their workshops at this village assisted the villagers so that they can perform better in their everyday life, germinated this idea of having all round development in this village where community spirit and our handloom heritage can become a means to place Nakul Gaon in the map, in the process giving villagers sustainable means of livelihood.

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In the lines of Sualkuchi, the Silk town of Assam, we as a group (this group included villagers as well) decided that instead of weaving a gamut of products, make GAMUSA the ‘the handloom identity of Assamese people’ We not only should weave this product but also get the whole community involved in the process. Therefore we broke down the process into various components, like design development (motifs to be woven), raw material procurement, warping, weaving , quality supervision, costing,  loom maintenance, marketing etc thus suddenly we had in front of us a array of activities in which lot of villagers could get involved based on their interest and expertise.


Thanks to the ‘Art of Living foundation’ we could train the villagers in their chosen work so that the product (gamusa) being produced in the village are not only the best specimen of the traditional gamusa  but also adhere to the modern quality norms/standard in terms of yarn, weaving & pricing.

Ms. Survi Borgohain, a textile professional joined us in this social project and guide/train the villagers in various aspects from time to time. Mr. Khagen Mali, an enterprising resident of Nakul Gaon has taken it on his shoulders to constantly encourage the villagers and bring to our notice the problems being faced in production so that a quick solution could be brought.

No doubt, it’s a time consuming, slow process but for sustainable development, foundation needs to be strong, and slowly but gradually we have started delivering results. The Gamusa so far produced in the village has been selling like hot cakes and shopkeepers of the neighboring town has been procuring sizable quantity.

We are thankful to ‘Dream Weaves of Assam’ for introducing our weaves to the Australian audience and in the process the aspirations of the residents of Nakul Gaon of making their village becoming a focal point of Gamusa -weaving in the state has got a great push.

Our Photographer


I’m a photographer. I take pictures of people, products, food and animals.

I endeavour to bring the beauty out in all that I photograph, especially people. Everyone should have a photo of themselves which reflects their inner beauty and this is my goal as my true love is portraiture photography. I love to play and experiment with all forms of light. 

Photography is my creative outlet and passion. 

Living in Melbourne.

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